Stobox Technologies Inc.

Foundation: 2020
Headquarter: US
Services: Primary Market, Secondary Market, Tokenization Services
Regions: Worldwide
Asset Categories: NDA, RWA
Asset Classes: Bonds, Certificates, Collectibles, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Equities, Industrial, Investment Funds, Real Estate, Renewables
Investor Classes: Accredited, Institution, Non-Accredited
Investors Access: all countries
Token Classes:Governance, Payment, Security, Utility


Stobox is a turn-key RWA tokenization provider. Stobox not merely provides technology, but also guides clients through the process, assists with legal and marketing matters through their network of partners, who supported over 5 billion dollars in capital raised. Having worked on 60+ projects across all asset classes and five continents, Stobox is well-positioned to help clients get the RWA tokenization project to stunning success.

News & Publications

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