RedSwan CRE

Red Swan CRE
Foundation: 2018
Headquarter: US
Regulators: SEC (US)
Services: Primary Market, Tokenization Services
Regions: Americas
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Real Estate
Investor Classes: Institution, Non-Accredited
Investors Access: Worldwide
Token Classes:Security


RedSwan CRE is a blockchain-based marketplace that leverages tokenization technology to fractionalize ownership of commercial real estate, making investments more affordable. Sponsors and private investors now have early liquidity options through issuance and tradability of asset-backed digital securities. Drawing on the team’s deep expertise in real estate, finance, and technology, RedSwan CRE is providing leading-edge capital market solutions for the global real estate capital markets industry. The marketplace currently has $5B in tokenized assets with an expectation of growing to $25B in the next 36 months.

News & Publications

RedSwan CRE Nigeria Launches $1.6 Billion Real Estate Funds – APR23

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