Foundation: 2022
Headquarter: France
Regulators: BaFin (DE), FMA (AT)
Services: Primary Market, Secondary Market, Tokenization Services
Regions: Asia, Europe
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Bonds, Collectibles, Commodities, Equities, Investment Funds, Real Estate
Investor Classes: Accredited, Non-Accredited
Investors Access: European Citizens
Token Classes:Security

Description, a French leading company has developed the smart way to invest around the world.

Invest around the world in exclusive and selected assets from only EUR 500. We connect European investors with asset owners globally. Whether you are looking to invest or to free some equity our team is here to help within a regulated environment.

News & Publications

Creating smart ways to invest

The Tokenization of Financial and Real-World Assets is ‘En Route’ – APR23

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