Finexity AG

Foundation: 2018
Headquarter: Germany
Regulators: BaFin (DE)
Services: Primary Market, Secondary Market, Tokenization Services
Regions: Europe
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Collectibles, Luxury Goods, Real Estate, Renewables
Investor Classes: Accredited
Investors Access: Non US citizen
Token Classes:Security


FINEXITY AG is one of the first companies worldwide to offer tokenized tangible assets as an investment opportunity. FINEXITY reduces the investment hurdle for interested investors to a minimum and offer maximum flexibility and liquidity.

Using blockchain technology, FINEXITY enables private investors to access previously illiquid assets on our multi-asset platform. The FINEXITY team brings together a wide range of experts from the real estate, finance and IT industries.

News & Publications

Finexity adds renewables to portfolio – Jun23

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