Cashlink Technologies GmbH

Foundation: 2017
Headquarter: Germany
Regulators: BaFin (DE)
Services: Primary Market, Tokenization Services
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Bonds, Collectibles, Industrial, Investment Funds, Licenses, Real Estate, Renewables
Investor Classes: Accredited, Institution
Investors Access:
Token Classes:Security


The financial technology company Cashlink offers a Europe-wide leading infrastructure for the tokenization of assets. In November 2021, the company received preliminary approval from BaFin to operate a crypto-securities registry that covers the entire value chain for the tokenization of securities. This allows financial institutions and FinTechs to benefit from the new possibilities of tokenization while saving costs and resources.

Tokenization Services

Tokenization Platform (as-a-service)

News & Publications

Cashlink Press

Metzler issues first DLT-based fund shares under
cryptoFAV with Cashlink and fundsonchain
– SEP23

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