Brick Token S.L.

Foundation: 2020
Headquarter: Spain
Services: Primary Market, Tokenization Services
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Bonds, Certificates, Collectibles, Commodities, Equities, Industrial, Investment Funds, Real Estate, Renewables
Investor Classes: Accredited, Institution, Non-Accredited
Investors Access:
Token Classes:Governance, Security

Company description

At Brickken, we’re passionate about democratizing access to the token economy. That’s why we’ve created our Token Suite, designed to simplify the creation, selling and managing of digital assets, facilitating tokenization and empowering entrepreneurs and investors alike. Our goal is to make it easy for companies to raise funds and connect with the digital investment community without intermediaries. Much like Shopify streamlined e-commerce, Brickken enables tokenization by providing an all-in-one platform with user-friendly tools and features, making it easy for companies to tokenize and self-manage their digital assets

Tokenization Services

Tokenization Platform (as-a-service), Tokenization Software Solution(s), Whitelabel-Solution, Tokenization Consulting / Legal advisory

News & Publications

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A new age in investing: The transformative power of asset tokenization – Jul23

Brickken joins Chainlink BUILD Program to drive tokenization acceptance – May23

Spanish company enters the Sandbox of that country to test a secondary market for tokenized startups – Jan22

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