Agitarex GmbH

Foundation: 2007
Headquarter: Germany
Regulators: BaFin (DE)
Services: Primary Market
Regions: Europe
Asset Categories: RWA
Asset Classes: Certificates, Equities, Real Estate
Investor Classes: Accredited
Investors Access: European Citizens
Token Classes:Security


Agitarex offers start-ups and SMEs a complete range of services for the simple and successful issue of security tokens for corporate and project financing. Agitarex relies on a broad network of renowned partners such as the regulated custodian bank Tangany, the liability umbrella institution Effecta and the leading German blockchain medium BTC-ECHO. Via its regulated marketplace, the company offers private investors access to previously exclusive asset classes and a wide range of other digital financial products.

News & Publications

Agitarex: So möchte der neue Security-Token-Anbieter durchstarten – Mar23

Vermarktung von Security Token

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