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BlockTec TOKEN shows you the content and possibilities around tokenization.

One of our tokenization services is the Digital Asset Compass. The goal of the Digital Asset Compass is to present the services of many providers in the area of tokenization in an overview and to find suitable providers.

Investors who wish to invest in certain asset classes can find the offers of numerous service providers here and can see which offers are available.

Companies looking for tokenization services can use the Digital Asset Compass to find many providers that offer tokenization services.


Introduction tokenization

Tokenization is the digital mapping of values and assets, including the associated rights and obligations.

Progressive digitization offers companies, but also private individuals, completely new opportunities in the area of assets through tokenization. The concept of assets is very broad, this can be real estate, shares, fund shares, ETFs, machines, vintage cars, wine, works of art, securities, diamonds, licenses, wind farms and the like. Anything that has value can be created as a digital representation on a blockchain. Today, assets are mostly securitized and deposited via deeds and documents in elaborate procedures. With the help of tokenization, this can all be done digitally in the future.

The advantages of digital assets are manifold. In brief, these are:

  • Generation of financial liquidity through new financing options
  • Small fractions – subdivision into smaller units (e.g. for real estate or works of art)
  • Fast transferability – transfer of digital assets within a few minutes worldwide
  • Easy tradability – digital tokens can be traded 24/7 on digital marketplaces
  • High transparency – the blockchain offers complete traceability of all transactions of a token
  • Fast processing – the securitization process of assets can be completed in a shorter time through tokenization
  • Cost savings – many expensive intermediaries and trusted third parties are eliminated through digital securitization and regulation


There are numerous benefits for both issuers and investors from the digitization of assets through tokenization.


The term issuer sounds a bit abstract and it is not immediately clear who is an issuer. The answer is, almost any person or company can be an issuer of value. Whether someone is “issuing” their real estate as an asset, a collector is tokenizing their classic car collection, or a company is tokenizing their shares or their new wind farm project, they are all issuers of assets and want to make them tradable, shareable, and/or transferable. Intangible assets such as licenses can also be tokenized. All tangible or intangible things for which there is a demand are thus tokenizable assets.

The possibilities that arise from this are enormous. In addition to cost and time savings, issuers can make previously illiquid assets liquid and tradable. In addition, completely new buyers and investor strata can be addressed and integrated. Tokens make many things easy to capitalize that were previously difficult to capitalize. Tokenization offers completely new financing options.

Tokenization is a completely new financial instrument that makes new investor layers addressable from large investors to small investors.


For investors, tokenization offers a variety of new investment opportunities. For example, it was previously only possible for a few investors to invest in high-priced real estate in prime locations, valuable classic cars, rare works of art, solar parks, shares in small companies or high-quality watches. Tokens give investors easy access to high-value digital assets that were previously only available to a very few, privileged investors. In the future, everyone will be able to invest in very different digitized assets via tokens.

But even institutional investors, such as pension funds, which are only allowed to invest in strictly regulated asset classes, will get new investment options through tokenization and the associated legally secure regulation.

All types of investors can be involved and participate in tokenization projects from the beginning. It is also possible to buy the desired tokens on the secondary market at a later date and participate in the performance of the deposited asset.


Through BlockTec TOKEN, we offer our customers the opportunity to get into the topic of tokenization.

This starts with helping them to really understand the topic. Because without an understanding of the topic, it’s hard to see and implement the great opportunities and possibilities.

Once there is an understanding about the topic, we discuss opportunities and benefits of tokenization for the customer’s specific use case. Whether it’s tokenization of a specific project, such as a solar farm or real estate, or the digitization and tradability of a company’s shares. For each case, a feasibility study and detailed elaboration of the implementation options is required.

Within the framework of feasibility studies and business plans, the implementation possibilities can be concretized.

For the implementation, there are various providers and solutions with which tokenization can be carried out. For example, the digitization of shares usually requires a different partner than the tokenization of real estate. The number of providers and solutions is increasing and it is definitely a challenge to find the right partner for the intended project.

We have dealt intensively with numerous providers and solutions and advise our customers to find the right options for the individual application case.


If you would like to know more about tokenization and are looking for a neutral consulting partner to help you get started and learn about the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to tackling this exciting topic with you.

The opportunities and possibilities around the topic of tokenization are huge. In our estimation, almost all assets will be digitized in the next 10 years, a new billion or even trillion market is emerging here. Those who deal with these new potentials at an early stage have a great opportunity to position themselves well and profit from them.