BlockTec SABlockTec SAFE offers you the possibility to store your Private Keys securely. The private keys are the secure access to every wallet. The secure storage of the private keys is absolutely necessary, otherwise unauthorized persons can access the wallet.

We show our customers how to store their private keys securely in a bank-independent safe deposit box in Liechtenstein. By means of the access rules deposited with the custodian, the customers determine who may have access to the private keys. In this way, they protect their assets even in the event that life partners or heirs need to access them.

We advise our clients on how to document and store the Private Keys securely and help to store the Private Keys securely in a safe deposit box in Liechtenstein. BlockTecGroup AG does not act as a custodian or depository, but we provide our clients with knowledge about the concept of Private Keys and how a more secure safekeeping has to be done. After the knowledge transfer we establish the connection to an approved custodian. Custody is only provided by approved custodian companies. The customer concludes the contracts for custody exclusively with the custodian company.

Protect your assets in the long term and regulate access for all eventualities! A secure custody concept with access regulations is an indispensable part of every investment.

What is the problem?

Many crypto multi-millionaires have already taken their entire fortune to the grave because their survivors have not been able to access their crypto assets. Other crypto investors have lost their passwords or private keys and with them all their crypto assets.

Crypto investments offer huge opportunities, but at the same time every investor must keep his access codes on his own responsibility. Only those who have these access codes can dispose of the crypto assets.

If these codes are lost or an investor takes them to the grave, the crypto assets are irrevocably lost. There is no entity that could restore these codes or provide new access, as is possible in the classic banking system.

For any crypto investor, this means that codes must be written down and stored securely in such a way that at least a professional can recover access to the assets based on the records. This means that even when creating wallets, the issue of recovery starts with structured documentation.


BlockTec SAFE offers customers individual consulting and support services as needed, from code documentation, secure safekeeping, ensuring the link between assets, owners and successors, to later access and recovery of access:

  1. Information and advice on the documentation and safekeeping of private keys
  2. Step-by-step support in the documentation and implementation of the custody strategy in cooperation with trustworthy, bank-independent custodians
  3. liaison between the owner, possible heirs and the depository according to the instructions of the client
  4. Support in the recovery from access to assets for the beneficial owners.