The growth of blockchain technology will be huge in the next few years. With the right investment strategy, you can successfully participate in it. BlockTec INVEST shows you options on how to invest wisely in this area and participate in the long term.


There are now more than 10,000 projects in the field of blockchain technology. Which of these projects will be successful in the medium and long term? If we take into account the empirical values for the development of Internet technology at the end of the 1990s / beginning of the 2000s, we can assume that more than 90% of the projects will not be successful in the long term. But the successful projects promise a very large growth and a large investment opportunity.

The art is to find the right strategy to be successful in a fast growing market environment. No one can reliably predict which blockchain prrojects will be the Googles and Facebooks of tomorrow.

Selecting several of the most promising projects offers the best chances of success. Using clearly defined criteria, we analyze blockchain projects in terms of their quality and value. Ultimately, only those projects will prevail in which the technology, management, target group focus, financial framework and implementation capabilities are all in good shape.

The investment options are many, here is a brief overview of the possibilities:

  • Blue Chips (investing in large, established projects with high market capitalization).
  • Rising Stars (investment in interesting new projects, still under the radar, with low market capitalization)
  • Yield Farming (investment in staking, liquidity mining, lending – projects that generate a high “interest” yield)
  • Mining (investment in projects that generate mining revenue)
  • Blockchain ecosystem (investments in companies and projects that play a successful role in the blockchain ecosystem)

The appropriate investment strategy has always been determined by taking into account the individual starting situation, the corresponding investment horizon, the current market phase and the risk tolerance. These factors also determine the strategy selection in the context of an investment in blockchain technology projects.

Within the framework of BlockTec INVEST, we help our clients to analyze and understand the market and the available options and to evaluate the corresponding possibilities. Based on this, our clients can decide for themselves which options fit best and then implement them. We are not investment or wealth advisors, but are experts in blockchain technology and blockchain projects.

Our expert know-how in combination with our network of investment partners offers our clients a very good chance to be successful in this new market in the long run. We help you to invest successfully in this market!